About Us

"Unidental develops and produces implant system more than 20 years"

Unidental Co., Ltd. develops and produces products with the motto of providing the best products and services by R&D professionals who have worked for research, development and production of dental products and implant-related areas for more than 20 years. 

Unidental Co., Ltd. is developing products for easy, safe and fast operation being compatible with most implant-related items used worldwide from the viewpoint of dental practitioners. 

Unidental Co., Ltd. is producing the parts (Lab Analog, Impression coping, etc.) compatible with all implants being distributed worldwide, the Drill Stopper Kit which can be used for compatible abutment and all implants, and the Prosthetic Kit which contains various kinds of drivers. In addition, we develop and produce Orthodontic Screw and Orthodontic Kit used for orthodontics customized for the convenience of the working of dental practitioners. Moreover, Unidental Co., Ltd. has exported the products to many countries including Japan, Australia, China and South America.   

We will lead the global implant market by developing and producing new products continuously customized to the request of our clients putting top priority on customer satisfaction. 

All the executives and staff of Unidental Co., Ltd.