Our Shipping Methods

Unidental Co., Ltd. is doing its utmost to deliver the products as quickly as possible through the service of the best delivery companies.

Policy of International Shipping

- Tariff may be imposed and the customer shall pay the tariff. Please check it out with the customs service in the concerned country before ordering the product. 

- We do not assume responsibility for the matters which occur at the customs service in the concerned country including tariff and customs clearance. 

- It may take longer time in some countries for the arrival of the product at the destination due to complicated process and methods of delivery. 

- Delivery time may vary depending on the postal service of each country, destination, etc. 

- In some countries, it is impossible to trace a registered package once it goes over the border.

- Orders are promptly handled within one business day after completion of payment.  

- We can deliver products to almost all areas in the world through traceable means of transportation.

- The package is delivered to the address written in the ordering process. The address for delivery must be exact and accurate. Customers are responsible for all the problems caused by writing of wrong information. 

- We use reliable transportation companies. Nevertheless, please check the package upon arrival. 

- If you are requested to sign your name, check the package before signing. 

- All deliveries must be signed by an adult of at least 18 years of age. 

- The status of order placement may change according to the acceptance of our company and the condition of inventory. If there is no inventory of the ordered product in our company, you will receive a notification of the situation through e-mail. You may wait until the product becomes available or cancel the order.   

- It is your responsibility to provide us with the valid e-mail address for emergency contact.

- We prepare the products for your order after payment is completed. Your order placement for products becomes valid after our acceptance. We have the right to refuse your order anytime before we accept your order placement. 

- You have the responsibility to guarantee the accuracy of the details that you provide in the process of order placement. We do not accept your order unless all detailed information is entered correctly.

- If we contact you for the confirmation of the details of your order due to inevitable reasons, we do not regard it as the agreement to the purchase of your ordered product on our website. 

- The contract between you and our company including these conditions (“the contract”) shall last only if you allow us to withdraw the purchase price with your credit card and ship the product or download it. We will send you an e-mail (“Notice for confirmation”) for confirmation of this matter. The notice for confirmation contains the price which needs your approval for purchase of the product. The contract remains valid only if you send the notice for confirmation back to us (regardless of your receipt). 

- We will refund the paid amount within 60 days after we notify you of the return of the product after inspecting the package, etc. of the product returned to our company. It is possible to cancel the order anytime before you send us the notice for confirmation. 

- If you want to cancel an order after sending the notice for confirmation for that order, please send a written request for the cancellation of the order within 14 days after sending the notice for confirmation. If it is difficult for you to send the written request, you may send us the cancellation notice through e-mail to unidentalkorea@gmail.com. Then we will accept the cancellation.  

- It is necessary to include the original name and order number stated in the purchase order in the written request for the cancellation of the order or the cancellation notice.

- Upon receiving your cancellation notice, we will inform you of the detailed information on the item of purchase, address for return of the product, etc.  

- Please return the purchased product upon receiving our instruction. You will have to assume the responsibility if you do not respond to our request. 

- When you return the product, you have to return the order sheet, invoice and the product in its original package.  

- It is your obligation to keep the product in its original good condition while it is in your possession. 

- We have the right to refuse your request for cancellation if the above matters are not observed. 

- We refund the entire price of the product plus delivery cost or exchange the product with the same or similar good quality product if the delivered product is defected or damaged unless the product returned to our company is damaged, it is used in a wrong way or the damage is caused by abnormal reasons. In such as case, the product may be exchanged with the same or similar product (if there is inventory) instead of refund if you want to do so.

- Sometimes the product specifications of the manufacturer may change. In this case, we will do our best to make a product the same as or better than the product at the same price. If you are not satisfied with the replacement of the product, you may return the product to us.