UNIdental News & Event

-2016 December

ISO 13485 Certificate Obtaining

-2017 May

Product Manufacturing Registration in Japan

-2018 November

Verification of Venture Company in Korea

-2019 February

GMP patent for manufacturing

-2019 March

IDS Exhibition member in Germany, Cologne

-2019 April

Market expansion to ASEAN three countries (Thailand, China and Vietnam)

A 250000 US dollar contract of supply to Vietnam


-2019 September

Market expansion to CIS three countries (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russian Federation)

A 510000 US dollar MOU contract of supply to CIS countries


-2020 December

 Gyeong-gido Korea Export Frontier Industry Certification

- 2021 January

Export Prospect Entrepreneur Certificate

-2021 December

Export Merit Award

- 2021 December

UNIdental Vietnam branch establishment

-2022 June

INNO-BiZ Obtaining of Innovation Technology Grade A

-2022 July

-DAV (Class C) Obtaining Vietnam of  Health Agency Certification